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Is Your Website Scaring Away Your Customers?

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Case Study

This website started generating leads just days after launch!

We developed and designed a completely new website for Team One Designz using the guide that you will get from your free eBook. The website started generating multiple leads for the business the first week it went live!

Visitors love the website and the design we’ve used helps Team One Designz to build trust and take a position of authority with their visitors. This allows them to charge a higher price for their services.

As a bonus we helped Team One Designz to eliminate low-paying and troublesome clients who aren’t serious about doing business and just ‘fishing for the guy who will do it cheaper’ by building and integrating an automated system that vets and eliminates unqualified clients.

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Zeilhan’s Facebook marketing is
helping my business get better brand visibility online, more inquires, and sales!


Founder, Where Tuh Adventures

I wanted Zeilhan to build us a website to help us get more clients online and show our designs to prospects. He built us a system that helped us to attract the right clients for our business and filter prospects who aren’t ready to do business. Total game changer!


CEO, Team One Designz

Zeilhan over-delivered on our new website project that I never considered important but have started to see the rewards! We are getting more calls every day!


CEO, iConcept Mobile Solutions

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Jabez Roberts

Entrepreneur, WordPress Consultant, Online Marketer, Growth-Hacker

Jabez Roberts is the Founder and CEO of Zeilhan. He is a young Entrepreneur with a passion for growing businesses. He currently owns several online businesses. His passion is developing effective marketing strategies and growth-centric systems that help businesses grow online.

"Failure to market is the same as marketing to fail. It is not enough to start a business and build a website then hope customers will come. You must provide a solution for a burning problem and market for, not to, the people who need your solution. That is the essence of business and marketing."

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