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Zeilhan Affiliate Program

Spread the word around and when your referral make a purchase, we share the income with you!
A new client from you means everything to us!

Earn More Per Sale

Earn 20% commission on all purchases made by clients you refer to us. Purchases can be from our store or after a consultation for a project.

Regular Payouts

We handle all the payouts on the 28th of each month with the minimum balance required for a payout being set at $300

Long Term Cookies

When you refer someone to us, they have up to 180 days to purchase so you could get credit for the sale.

Affiliate Dashboard

Keep an eye on your statistics like sales and clicks inside a very sleek and intuitive user dashboard.

Earn Up To 20% Commission

Get up to 20% commission on every new sale from our store or client signed.
Custom rates are available for high-volume affiliates.

Are You A Perfect Match?

Zeilhan’s affiliate program is open to anyone with an online presence. Whether you’re an industry leader or a fresh new face,
earn more by marketing your unique content. Come join us if you possess any of these special qualities:

Content Creators

If you are a content creator who is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and online media and wants to monetize your content, join our affiliate program today!


Our affiliate marketing program is a great fit for influencers across YouTube, social media, and other online presences (not including OnlyFans models) who want to monetize their audience.


Do you own a blog or produce articles that attract readers who could benefit from software development, website development, and online marketing?


Are you an educator that teaches your students how to monetize their audience, start a business, or make money online or offline? Our affiliate program might be a great fit for you!


Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who works with other businesses? This might be an opportunity to increase your revenues by referring clients to get a service that is needed for their success.


Do you own a blog, email list, or work in the field of Digital Marketing such as PPC, SEO, or other marketing media and get clients who need a website? Earn a commission when you refer them to us.

Don’t quite fit the bill but believe you have something unique to offer? Please reach out to us!

Zeilhan's Services

Learn more about Zeilhan’s services and how they can help you to get more clients, customers, and revenues for your business.

Zeilhan Online Marketing System

Uniquely engineered Online Marketing Systems that are designed to solve your major business problems and provide a strategy for online success.

Complete Zeilhan Online Business

A completely managed website, social media, and 12-month online marketing strategy designed to connect with customers and drive revenues.

Startup Kit

Our Online startup kit gives you a fully-managed website and marketing system for one PPC platform to churn out more leads, clients, and revenues for your business starting at $49 per day

Why Become A Zeilhan Affiliate?

A Growing Company

Zeilhan is a growing company across the world in the areas of marketing, software, and business.

High Commissions

Our commissions start at 20% and can be as higher than $1,600 per client you refer to us.

Easy To Get Started

Becoming a Zeilhan Affiliate is as easy as clciking a button and completing a form. It's that easy!

A Growing Online Community

We are building a growing online community to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed.

Online Business Success Suite

Our online business suite is a business success solution using online media and strategies.

Designed To For You To Profit

Our affiliate program was designed so that our affiliate profit and earn as much as possible.

Start earning today!

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

Join our affiliate program to track referrals, measure performance, view earnings, and earn industry-leading commissions.

A new client from you means everything to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to our marketing kit. Simply place your link banners in your product reviews and on your website. Each time you refer a new customer who makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

The sky’s the limit! You earn 20% from each sale you refer to us and 20% of all project fees (first month only for monthly payments) from clients you refer to us.

Occasionally, it takes clients a few days to make their purchase. Bearing this in mind, we have a 180-day cookie policy.

Yes, we pay our affiliates once their commission reaches a minimum of $300.

Not necessarily, however, the more familiar you are with Elementor, the easier it will be to promote it.

Payments will be done automatically to your paypal account or other payment method that we agreed upon.

We have a 30-day refund policy on our product. Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you within 30 days.

Have more questions? Contact Us.

Zeilhan Affiliate Do's And Don'ts

Start earning today!

Your Success Is Our Top Priority

Join our affiliate program to track referrals, measure performance, view earnings, and earn industry-leading commissions.

A new client from you means everything to us!