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Case Study:
Team One Designz

Business Overview

Team One Designz is a graphics design agency located in Spanish Town, Jamaica. They serve their customers in services related to Graphics Designing, Branding, and Advertisement.

Team One Designz is focused on serving customers who are startups and medium-sized businesses. Their primary services include Logo Design, Poster/Flyer Creation, Business Card Designs, Social Media Designs, and other personal designs.

They have been in business for 18 months and are growing at a slow and steady pace. They contacted Zeilhan to help them get a website that can accelerate growth.

The Problem

Team One Designz suffers from a bottleneck issue where all prospects (serious and price-lookers) and clients must contact the business owner, Wayne, to alleviate concerns, have questions answered, and place orders.

This causes loss of business, unsatisfied and unserved customers, and inefficiency in day-to-day business. 

Implemented Solution

To resolve these issues we built a system for Team One Designz that qualified prospects and eliminated those who weren’t serious about doing business. Additionally, we added a resource center to have questions and concerns answered. Also added was a section for easier and more flexible communication between the business and prospect/client. 

These systems were automated and created into a website to generate leads.

The Results

After the launch of the website we developed leads started being generated for the business in the space of a week. The professional design of the website impacted the business’s brand and allowed them to charge a higher price than their competitors. 

More customers were being served and Wayne could now focus on running and growing the business.


The business’s client-generation process has improved massively and is greatly impacted by having a website that automates important processes and steps. Clients and staff are happier and have an easier time contacting and interacting with the business.

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