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Consultation & Online Success Strategy Sessions

We Help Your Business Achieve Online Success With Powerful Marketing Strategies

Our Consultation & Online Success Strategy Sessions are one-on-one consultations with our team where we examine your business’s pain points and develop a unique strategy for online business success.

Our team helps you to start living your dream life by getting the success in your business you deserve.

We remove the frustration from finding success in your online business by giving you a reliable path to online success.

Our Commitment to your online success

Are you struggling to grow your business online?

Low Sales

Without enough sales, your business will fail. We know how critical new sales and clients are to your business and are ready to help.

Low Revenues

Is your business struggling to make enough revenues from your current products, services, and clients? We have a solution!

Declining Profits

Declining profit is a sign of a dying business. Our team will audit your entire business and give you the best steps for success.

Lack Of Direction

Is your business trying to serve everyone and failing to serve anyone? We'll help identify and serve your most profitable clients.

Lack Of Growth

Lack of growth or slow growth in your business can be resolved by implementing innovative strategies and establishing new markets.

Need Of Strategy

The need for strategy in your business becomes apparent when you need direction and a process to follow to achieve a set goal.

What You get in a consultation session

2 Consultation Sessions

You are given two consultation sessions with each lasting for 45 minutes. The first session is used to learn about all your business's pain points. The second is where we present, discuss and sign off on a plan to resolve those problems

Success Strategy

After the first consultation session, our team will design a plan that is to help you solve the problems your business faces. The plan will be a step-by-step approach that gives you a detailed way to resolve the problems your business faces.

Option For Execution

After we've developed the plan for your business's online success you have the opportunity to hire your own set of experts, professionals, and personnel to execute the plan or you can hire our team to execute the plan for you. Our team would be an extension of your business that works 24/7 to add value and growth to your business.

Monthly Meetings

You will be given monthly consultations with our team to report and discuss the current progress of the execution of our plan by our team. This option is only available to clients who work with our team to resolve their issues.

We will design your path to online business success

What does it take to run a successful online business?

To run a successful business you will need a team working in unison towards a common goal. This team will need a:

  1. Website Designer
  2. Website Developer
  3. SEO Specialist
  4. Online Marketer
  5. Copywriter
  6. Project Manager
  7. Legal Aid like Lawyers
  8. Business Consultants
  9. Marketing Strategists
  10. Email Marketers
  11. Sales and Support Teams.

You don’t need to hire an expert to fill all these positions. Zeilhan is your personal online success team that will take you on the path to being a successful online business owner.

Our team will provide all these including

we help with:


In our strategy sessions, we take a detailed look at all aspects of your business and its performance. Our goal is to resolve the major problems stopping its growth and provide you with an easily executable blueprint for success.
Jabez Roberts
Founder, CEO - Zeilhan
"A fool with a plan can beat a genius without a plan" - T Boone Pickens
Founder, CEO - BP Capital

Do you need a strategy for your business's online success?

Our Consultation and Online Success Strategy Session is our version of a business audit where our team audits your entire online business.

We audit your website for performance, reliability, and conversions.

We analyze your website traffic and lead generation tools and strategies.

Our team also audit your online marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and online presence marketing efforts.

Our CEO also is brought in to audit your business with the management of its goals and clients and how well those align with your daily objectives.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with your team to uncover all your business’s weak points and areas that need improvement.

After these steps, our team will draft a strategy to help your business solve these problems, identify key KPI, and map out a path to success. We will review this plan with your team before signing off on the strategy.

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