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30-Minute Consultation & Strategy Sessions

30-Minute Consultation & Strategy Sessions


Online Marketing Consultation & Strategy Sessions – Zeilhan

Our Consultation & Online Success Strategy Sessions are one-on-one consultations with our team where we examine your business’s pain points and develop a unique strategy for online business success.

One 30-Minute consultation and strategy session to examine your business’s major pain points and weaknesses.

After the completion of the first consultation, we will present a proposal that will include a path to online success for your business. It will include future strategy sessions as part of a managed online business success solution.


Do you need a strategy for your business’s online success?

Our Consultation and Online Success Strategy Session is our version of a business audit where our team audits your entire online business.

We audit your website for performance, reliability, and conversions.

We analyze your website traffic and lead generation tools and strategies.

Our team also audits your online marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and online presence marketing efforts.

Our CEO also is brought in to audit your business with the management of its goals and clients and how well those align with your daily objectives.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with your team to uncover all your business’s weak points and areas that need improvement.

After these steps, our team will draft a strategy to help your business solve these problems, identify key KPIs, and map out a path to success. We will review this plan with your team before signing off on the strategy.